Woodwind Quintets

(flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon)

Wikipedia entry on "Wind Quintet" - brief history, list of composers, repertoire, prominent quintets, links.

On Composing for Woodwind Quintet- article by Zeke Hecker

Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music - by Catherine Gerhart

The Wind Quintet in Canada: Legacy and Promise - article by Drew Stephen

The Quintessential Quintet: Using the Woodwind Quintet to Improve Your Instrumental Music Program - a pdf file of a presentation by the Montpelier Wind Quintet at the Midwest Band Clinic in 2003.

Nonstandard Woodwind Quintet Repertoire - a list compiled by Francesca Arnone

Original [Woodwind] Quintet - repertoire list by Mike Slatkin

Powers Woodwind Quintet Resources- The Powers Woodwind Quintet of Central Michigan University offers a database of 550 woodwind quintets, arranged in accessible categories. E.g. Standard WWQs; Non-standard WWQs, WWQ with added instrument or voice; Powers WWQ repertoire; arranged WWQs; WWQs by American composers; WWQs by composer. Q’s by difficulty; by time period; by nationality. Also Links…. Great resource!!


Laing, Millard. “Anton Reicha’s Quintets for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon.” Ed.D. diss., University of Michigan, 1952.

Woodwind Quintet Sheet Music

Check out the free WWQ scores at freescores.com.

CD ROM of Woodwind Quintet music - The "Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles" is offering quite the deal: a CD stuffed [80 pieces] with (public domain) woodwind quintet music. Price: $10 plus $3.85 shipping. Everything is in pdf format - print out whatever you want.

Cimarron Music Press offers many WWQs, mostly arrangements. Check out their sample list (161 pages - 1st page of each score).

Reicha Quintets - according to Artturi Lehtiö, 6 of the 24 woodwind quintets by Anton Reicha can be found at the University of Rochester research database. You can find other interesting free music there as well if you search.

Lehtiö also says to "look in the
Royal Danish Library for more woodwind quintets. "Just use the search or look through the special themes and repertoire (a link on the left side of the page). You can also find music for different sized horn ensembles there including trios, quartets and sextets by Dauprat."

International Opus offers an unusual assortment of woodwind quintets, with categories including African, Arabic, Asian, Australian, Classical, Latin-American, Operatic transcriptions, and more.

Robert Ostermeyer Musikedition - one of the best publishers of music for horn and anything. High quality sheet music, much of it not easily obtainable elsewhere

Trillenium Music Co. - Not a huge selection, but a handy source for quintets by Reicha, Wilder, and others. A real find.

JB Linear Music - 68 quintets (mostly arrangements) offered in this site for woodwinds, which also has solos, duets, trios, quartets, CD-ROM compilations, and more.

Cimarron Music - a search for “woodwind quintet” turns up 91 titles, mostly arrangements and transcriptions.

Free Sheet Music for the Woodwind Quintet

The IMSLP offers free sheet music for download for woodwind quintet (20, currently); composers include Taffanel, Rasmussen, Schoenberg, Cambini, Beethoven, and others.

The Clarinet Institute offers dozens of downloadable free WW5’s online, plus CD ROM compilations of WWQuintets.