UI Horn Studio Suggested Repertoire List

All horn students receive free copies of books by Jeffrey Agrell (horn professor 2000-2021): Horn Technique, The Creative Hornist, Rhythm Kopprasch, Harmony Kopprasch, Duet Kopprasch, Accompanied Kopprasch, Preparatory Kopprasch.

Lower Level Lessons

Rider, Real World Horn Playing
Barboteu, Lectures/Exercices
Decker, Intermediate Serial Studies for Trumpet
Gallay 22 Studies, op. 58
Gallay, 40 Preludes, op. 27
Gallay, 12 Etudes, op. 57
Gates, Odd Meter Etudes
Kopprasch, 60 Studies, Bks. 1-2
Maxime-Alphonse, 200 Etudes, Bks. 1-3
McCoy, 46 Progressive Exercises for Low Horn
Musser & Del Borgo, Rhythms of Contemporary Music
Rochut, Melodious Etudes for Trombone, Bk. 1

Rossari, Esercizi per il Corse inferiore (intermediate course; especially for transposition)
Sawyer, Concone Lyrical Studies
Shoemaker, Legato Etudes

Abbott, Alla Caccia
Borroff, Sonata
Bozza, Chant Lointain, En Irlande
Chabrier, Larghetto
Cooke, Rondo in Bb
Clerisse, Chant sans Paroles
Effinger, Rondino
Frackenpohl, Largo & Allegro
Glazunov, Reveries
Gliere, Nocturne, Romance, Valse Triste, Intermezzo
Mortelmans, Lyrische Pastorale
Mozart, Concert Rondo; Concerto No. 1
Piantoni, Air de Chasse
Ravel, Pavane
Rosetti, Concerto No. 4 in F
Saint-Saëns, Romance, op 36
F. Strauss, Nocturne
Telemann, Adagio and Presto

LaBar Horn Player’s Audition Handbook
Moore & Ettore French Horn Anthology

Proficiency Level Lessons

Gallay 40 Preludes, op. 27
Gallay 12 Etudes, op. 57
Kopprasch 60 Studies, Bk. 2
Maxime-Alphonse 200 Etudes, Bk. 3
Rochut Melodious Etudes for Trombone

With piano

Desportes Ballade Normande
Françaix Canon in Octave
J. Haydn Concerto No. 2
Heiden Sonata
Hummel Sonatine
Koetsier Sonatine
Kvandal Introduction and Allegro
Larsson Concertino
Levy Suite
Mozart Concertos 1, 3; Concert Rondo
Nelhybel Scherzo Concertante
Neuling Bagatelle
Reinecke Nocturne
Saint-Saëns Morceau de Concert
Schumann Fantasie-Stücke, op. 73
F. Strauss Concerto, op. 8; Fantasie, op. 2
R. Strauss Concerto op. 11; Andante
Vintner Hunter’s Moon

Ketting Intrada
Krol Laudatio
Lyon Partita

Excerpt Books (the above plus)
Thompson, David Orchestral Audition Repertoire for Horn (parts)

Excerpts required for Proficiency (as found in Moore & Ettore)
Beethoven Sym. No. 3 (3rd mvt. trio); Sym. No. 9 (3rd mvt. 4th hn solos)
Brahms Sym. No. 1 (2nd mvt. solo; 4th mvt. “alphorn” solo); Sym. No. 2 (1st & 2nd mvt. solos); Sym. No. 3 (3rd mvt. solo)

Mendelssohn Nocturne from Midsummer Night’s Dream
Mozart Sym. No. 40 (3rd mvt. trio; both parts)

Rossini William Tell Overture; Semiramide Overture (opening quartet 1st Horn in D)
Shostakovich Sym. No. 5 – Mvt 1 Horn 1 – low unison passage
Tchaikovsky Sym. No. 4 (1st mvt. opening, all parts; Sym. No. 5 (2nd mvt. solo)

Weber Der Freischütz Overture (opening quartet, 4th horn)

Upper Level Lessons

Barboteu Etudes Classiques; 20 Etudes Concertantes
Bitsch 12 Studies
Chaynes 15 Studies
Falk 20 Etudes Atonales
Gallay 40 Preludes op. 27
Gallay 12 Etudes op. 57
Gallay 12 Etudes Brilliantes op. 43
Gallay 12 Grand Caprices
Maxime-Alphonse 200 Etudes, Bks. 4-6
Mueller 22 Etudes (from op 64)
Neuling 30 Special Low Horn Etudes, Bks. 1-2
Reynolds 48 Etudes
Rochut Melodious Etudes for Trombone
Schuller Studies for Unaccompanied Horn

With piano

Beethoven Sonata
Bozza Sur les Cimes; En Foret
Brouwer Sonata
Cherubini 2nd Sonata
Danzi Sonatas
Defaye Alpha
Dukas Villanelle
Gliere Concerto
J. Haydn Concerto No. 1
M. Haydn Concertino
Hindemith Sonata (F), Alto Horn Sonata
Jacob Concerto
Madsen Sonata
Messaien Interstellar Call
Mozart Concertos; Concerto Rondo; Quintet
Poulenc Elegy
Rheinberger Sonata
Ries Sonata
Rosetti Concertos
Saint-Saens Romance, op. 67
Schumann Adagio and Allegro

Stevens Sonata
R. Strauss Concertos 1&2
Vignery Sonata
Wilder Sonatas 1,2 & 3; Suite

Amram Variations for Monk
Berge Horn-Lokk
Gryc Reflections on a Southern Hymn
Persichetti Parable
Reynolds Partita; Elegy

Chamber music
Brahms Trio op. 40
Britten Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings
Schubert Auf dem Strom (with soprano)

Excerpt Books (the above plus)
Chambers Orchestral Passages, Bks. 1-8; Strauss

Recommended Excerpts (study parts whenever possible)
Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 1
Beethoven Sym. No. 7; Fidelio Overture (low horn)
Brahms Sym. No. 4; Piano Concerto No. 2; Academic
Festival Overture
Dvorak Sym. No. 9 (New World)
Mahler Sym. No. 1
Rossini Overture to Barber of Seville
Saint-Saens Sym. No. 3
Strauss Till Eulenspiegel; Don Juan; Ein Heldenleben
Wagner “Short Call” from Siegfried’s Rhine Journey from Götterdämmerung
“Long Call” from Siegfried

Additional Repertoire

Bozza Graphismes
Ceccarossi 10 Caprices
Gallay Etudes Op. 13, 32, 37
Hill Extended Techniques for Horn
Reynolds 16 Studies for horn (Kreutzer)
F. Strauss 17 Concert Studies

With piano

Czerny Andante e Polacca
Desenclos Cantilene et Divertissements
Förster Concertos
Françaix Divertimento
Hamilton Sonata Notturna
Hindemith Concerto
Krufft Sonata in E
Madsen Sonata
L. Mozart Concerto (Sinfonia di Camera)
Musgrave Music for Horn and Piano
Pauer Concerto
Pilss Sonata
Reynolds Sonata; Fantasy Etudes V
Rossini Prelude; Theme & Variations
Schoeck Concerto
Mark Schultz Dragons in the Sky
Telemann Concerto in D
Tomasi Concerto
Weber Concertino

Apostel Sonatine (unacc.)
Buyanovsky Traveling Impressions [España]
Hill Jazz Soliloquies (unacc.)

Excerpt Books
Jones 20th Century Orchestral Studies
Farkas Orchestral Passages from the Modern French

Chambers Orchestral Passages, Wagner, Strauss
Thompson Orchestral Audition Repertoire for Horn

Additional Excerpts (study parts whenever possible)
Bach “Quoniam” from B minor Mass
Beethoven Sym. No. 2; Sym. No. 6; Piano Concerto No. 5
Berlioz Queen Mab Scherzo
Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1; Variations on a Theme by Haydn
Bruckner Sym. No. 4
Dvorak Cello Concerto
Franck Symphony in D minor
Haydn Sym. No. 31
Hindemith Mathis der Maler
Mahler Sym. No. 4; Sym. No. 5
Mendelssohn Sym. No. 3
Ravel Piano Concerto in G; Pavane
Schumann Sym. No. 3
Strauss Don Quixote
Stravinsky Firebird; Rite of Spring
Wagner Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin
Prelude to Das Rheingold