Horn Recordings

 Dennis Brain
"Horn Concertos" (original remastered) - EMI Classics. Concertos of Strauss & Hindemith
"Brain" (original remastered) - BBC. Beethoven Quintet Op 16, Villanelle, Le Basque, Mozart Horn Quintet (K. 407), Brahms Trio
"Brain" (original remastered) - BBC. Beethoven Sextet Op. 81b, Schubert 'Auf Dem Strom', Haydn Hn Concerto No. 1, Milhaud, 'Chiminee du Roi Rene', and more.
'Mozart: Horn Concertos 1-4' - EMI Classics.

Historical Recordings - Howard Sanner posts an assortment of audio recordings including Till Eulenspiegel (1934 - BBC Orchestra, Aubrey Brain - principal horn) and the Siegfried Long Call played by Lucien Thevet.

"Horn Players Must-Have CDs" - an Amazon.com list compiled by Karen McGale Fiehler

See also the list "Best Horn CDs and Beyond" by A. Castor and
"Excellent Horn Recordings" - list by Matthew Haislip

Top 10 TV Themes with Horn - sound clips selected and compiled by Bruce Hembd

Top 10 Horn CDs - list by John Ericson

España - a podcast of the famous Buyanovski piece for horn alone played by the inimitable Frøydis Ree Wekre at the 1982 IHS Symposium in Avignon, France. We were there - and remember it as the single most exciting performance we've ever heard.

The Post in the Forest - a podcast of a very early (August 1910) recording of the horn from the collection of Peter Hirsch.

Recordings section of the Forum of the web site of the International Horn Society - ask and answer questions about horn recordings.

Music Online - Alexander Street Press. Massive collection of classical music recordings. Available through [music] library subscriptions.

Horn and Brass Recordings - Sources

The IMSLP (public domain music score library), besides free scores, also lists directs links to recordings, giving a great jump-start to your search for recordings. Check by each composer, or just go to the "List of Compositions Featuring the Horn"; find the piece you're looking for in the table of contents and then check it for recordings. NB: the links to recordings are exclusively to Amazon.com.

Internet Archive - digital library of free books, movies, audio recordings (880,973 recordings and 92,211 live concerts at last count). Note from horn scholar Bill Melton: “Some horn highlights: Stokowski/Philadelphia in a 1934 Tod und Verklaerung, a 1940/41 Heldenleben with Rodzinski/Cleveland, dueling Vienna and Berlin recordings of the Mondscheinmusik from Capriccio, and no less than five versions of Till Eulenspiegel from the composer's own Berlin/1931 rendition through Szell, Karajan, and Kempe to Blomstedt (Dresden/1989). Casting your net in other directions you'll come across the Busch Chamber Players on Brandenburg No. 1 with Aubrey Brain and Francis Bradley, but I'll let you take it from here. Rich pickings, indeed, and hats off to the San Francisco-based non-profit Internet Archive.”

All Music Guide - Impressive search engine for recordings of all sorts.

IHS 40 Recordings - CDs of many sessions at the 40th annual symposium of the International Horn Society are available at only $5 a disc plus shipping.

Sotone Recordings
Historical horn recordings remastered on CD, e.g. Dennis and Aubrey Brain, John Barrows, Neill Sanders, et al. Check out the mp3 samples - you can listen online to Yakov Shapiro play the Brahms Trio and Schumann Konzertstück; Dennis Brain in orchestral and operatic performances ("Abscheulicher" from Fidelio; Haydn Sym. 31, Bach Bm Mass); Aubrey Brain playing the Trio from Brandenburg No. 1, Brahms Trio; Neill Sanders playing Adagio & Allegro, John Barrowsplaying Brahms, Mozart, and Rossini; Mason Jones playing Mozart 3, Chabrier Larghetto, Janacek and Brahms; Miroslav Stefek playing Brahms, Reicha, Rosetti; Georges Barboteu playing all Mozart concertos.

Summit Records 
Horn players on this label include Steven Gross, John Ericson, Tom Bacon, Lisa Bontrager, Gail Williams, Jim Thatcher and others.

Excellent source of classical recordings. Do a search, enter "horn" and marvel at the selection.

Pope Repair
One of our favorite sources for horn CD's (and a whole lot of everything else) is Ken Pope's very attractive remodeled web site. Yes, Ken is an ace repairman, but he also sells new and used horns, CDs, sheet music, DVDs, cases, and accessories. In any case, the selection of horn CDs is vast and should be savored slowly...

Crystal Records
Unattractive (text only) but functional web site with some great horn CDs (Froydis, Douglas Hill, Meir Rimon, Greg Hustis, etc.). Some audio clips.

Walking Frog Records
26 horn CDs, 36 brass ensembles (some overlap).

Tap Music Sales
281 horn recordings (the first one listed is especially interesting ; > ) under "Classical Horn"; 35 under "Jazz Horn". Jazz Horn? What other source has a "Jazz Horn" category? You want Graas? There are six. You want Clark? 3. Shilkloper? 5. Varner? 7. Watkins? 4. Bravo, Tap! (now, how about beefing up the woodwind quintet category?).

MSR Classics
Good selection of winds and brass recordings.

66 well-chosen CD titles for sale at last count.

Canadian Brass CDs - their many CDs are available at their online store

Cimarron Music Press "offers a variety of recorded music to help students prepare for contests. All music is on CD and includes a full recording with solo and accompaniment, a recording with accompaniment only, and a tuning track."

The Classical CD Exchange - sales of used classical CDs

World of Brass - specialty site for European brass bands. Includes CDs, DVDs, books, sheet music, and more.