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The University of Iowa School of Music offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees. 

The Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree is a professional degree and prepares the student for employment in various musical fields, or to go on to graduate study in music. All B.M. music students are part of an instrumental studio, regardless of specialization. B.M. degrees are available in the following disciplines:

B.M. Music Performance
Music Education
Music Education Program at UI
BM with Teacher Certification
Teacher Education Program
Financial Assistance
Undergrad Music Ed Courses for Teacher Certification
BM Requirements
Music Therapy

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree: If you want to continue playing horn and making music, but don't intend to make a career of it and wish to major in something else, the B.A. is for you. You'll gain enough skill and knowledge to keep music as an important part of the rest of your life, while the reduced requirements of the B.A. allow you more time to acquire a major in another area. B.A. horn students are eligible for music scholarships and study with the horn professorThe B.A. in music is a nonprofessional degree that enables those who are majoring in other subjects to take music courses, lessons, play in ensembles and have reduced music course requirements.
B.A. program concentrations are composition, music history, and performance. 

Music Minor - you can minor in music for one step down from the B.A.; you are, however, thus a nonmajor and not eligible for a music scholarship; lessons are with the Horn TA.

Nonmajor horn players are eligible to take nonmajor horn lessons and - pending auditions - to take part in band, orchestra, chamber music, and horn choir. Nonmajor horn players take lessons with the horn studio teaching assistant. Music for Nonmajors - recommended courses.

Graduate Students

Degrees offered are the Master of Arts in horn performance (M.A.) 
and the 
Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.).

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