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MSR Classics (



by Duende (Jeffrey Agrell, horn, Evan Mazunik, piano, Gil Selinger, cello)
MSR Classics
Medieval and Renaissance music as sources for contemporary improvisation!



Jeffrey Agrell, horn Evan Mazunik, piano
Wildwind Records


Side Show Tim

by Cerberus (Jeffrey Agrell, horn, Brent Sandy, trumpet, John Manning, tuba 
+ David Hulm, poet, Walter Thompson, woodwinds, percussion & Soundpainting conductor), Dane Records

Other recordings: 

“Confluence,” performed as a member of Confluence (NY professional horn ensemble) Hidden Meaning Music CD HMM002

Performed on "Triangles" by John Stevens for horn, trombone, and tuba on David Gier's CD “Toot tooT” [Chamber Trios with Trombone] on Albany Records