SoundCloud - A quick, easy, and free way to post your recordings so that friends, relatives, and, well, anyone with internet access can hear them.

Recording Tips - advice by hornist Howard Sanner

Shelling the Pod - Dynamically creating descriptive pages for podcasts - by David Summer

Recording Brass Instruments - an article in the Electronic Musician entitled "Brass Tactics" by David Summer on how to record brass instruments.

Online Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Audio Courses

NoiseAddicts - online music and audio magazine. Everything to do with audio technology.

Home Recording

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Computer-Based Home Recording for Musicians

Audacity is a free, cross-platform sound editor - a cheap and effective way to record using your computer.

USB Turntable makes it easy to digitize your LPs. Depicted is the Numark PT-01USB, about $100 from Sweetwater Sound (available from many online sources). Use the software program Audacity (above) to edit (e.g. remove clicks, pops, etc.), adjust EQ, and so on.

Home Recording - Wikipedia article

There are a lot of excellent new (very!) portable recording devices - a couple of examples are below. Places to buy: check out online stores such as Zzounds, Sweetwater Sound, MusiciansBuy, or FullCompass.

Edirol R-09HR by Roland. 24-bit/96kHz recording; built-in stereo condenser mics; preview speaker, wireless remote; fits in a shirt pocket; 1.5" LED display with level meters and peak indicators; USB 2.0 and editing software (Cakewalk).

Pocketrak 2G - pocket recorder by Yamaha. Just larger than a pack of gum, but lots of features. WMA and MP3 files, 2 gig flash memory (3+ hrs stereo audio). Includes Cubebase AI for audio editing. USB for file transfer to computer.

iTalk Pro - "CD Quality microphone for iPod" by Griffin. Make informal recordings to your iPod using this iPod add-on.

"What Historical Recordings can tell us about "Authentic Performance" - article by Henry Fogel in ArtsJournal