• = web site
•• = mobile app
••• = both
* = app

* ••iData3 - “A memory upgrade for your brain.” We could not live without this simple but ingenious app, a “flexible freeform text database for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch”. We store all kinds of stuff there: addresses, numbers of all kinds, lists, directions/instructions, phone numbers, and more. Yes, we also use Apple’s Contacts, but we find the two complementary in function. Indispensable!

•••Workflowy - Our favorite online outliner. Very quick and easy to use. Arrange your ideas into various levels; collapsible/expandable lists/levels. Indispensable!

•••Evernote - Indispensable way to create and store notes, images, links, and more. Works everywhere with any computer or smartphone. And it’s free! Get the Evernote Web Clipper while you’re at it.
Like all these apps, there are many tutorials available at YouTube - one sample for Evernote is below:

•ifft - [if this then that] An automation service where you can connect/combine the functions of two web sites or services by creating if-then “recipes.” You determine that when one thing happens, it triggers another thing to happen. E.g. “If I am tagged in a Facebook photo, send me a text message.”

zapier - Is another automation service like ifft, but aimed more at business users.

Bubbl - Bubbl has free online mind-mapping tools where you can free form your ideas in colorful drag-and-drop diagrams, then share, export, print, or embed them on your web site. Kind of like outlining + colors in 2D. Slick.

Doodle - “World’s leading online scheduling service.” Makes it a snap for a group of people to find a time to meet (and you know how hard that is...).

•••Dropbox - Cloud-based storage utility. Makes it easy to share folders/files with others. Easy to send BIG files. Create a Dropbox folder, invite folks to share it, done. Available as both an iPhone app and computer app.

Dropbox has some worthy competitors for secure cloud storage. Check out this article "Three Dropbox Competitors..." (thanks, Laura Schulz for the link). 

Squadmail - like Dropbox for email: create and share email folders. Each folder has its own email address that you can use to capture certain emails or types of email.

Qualtrics - “Research Suite: sophisticated online surveys made simple. Collect. Analyze. Act.” Slick intro demo video.

Survey Monkey - Popular online survey maker, no frills, no fluff survey tool.

Wufoo - Online From Builder. Easy payment integration. 150+ prebuilt templates. Drop n drag online form building.

Free online graph paper (pdf’s to print out) - courtesy Also on the same site: free templates for calendars (monthly), yearly calendars, and mailing label PDF Generator.