See the Podcasts page of the IHS web site (some of which are listed below; the list is getting too long to list all offerings here)

Start a Podcast: a step-by-step How-To Guide. Covers equipment, picking a topic, recording, distribution, and more.

Alan Civil podcasts: Playing Hunter’s Moon, A.C. Quartet, Saint-Saens Romance Op. 36, Duet

Recital Preparation and Performance - Part I: Intro. Part 2: Choosing Repertoire - lecture by Bruce Atwell from the 2008 Denver Symposium

Pedagogical Pearls - Douglas Hill organized a series of panel discussions at the 2008 Denver IHS Symposium. This link includes Prof. Hill’s introduction and Jennifer Montone’s presentation.

The Mellowcast - weekly podcasts “dedicated to the mellophone, French horn, alto horn, tenor horn, circular alto. 115 episodes so far! Usually a lively panel discussion with Al Perkins, John Ericson, Mark Taylor and others. Handy brief synopsis of each episode. Very good audio quality.

Douglas Hill on Teaching as a Vocation
Session 1: Episode 2: Richard Chenoweth - “What’s the Rush”
Session 2 Episode 1: Lin Foulk discusses The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer. Handout link given.
Session 2, Episode 1a: Part 2 of Lin Foulk’s presentation
Session 2, Episode 2: Patrick Hughes talks about the book Don’t Shoot the Dog as it relates to teaching the horn.
Session 2, Episode 3: Catherine Roche-Wallace on Howard Gardner’s “Frames of Mind”
Session 3, Episode 1: Marian Hesse speaks about “Assessment in the Horn Studio”
Session 3, Episode 2: William Scharnberg “Dealing with Failure”
Session 4, Episode 1: The theme of this session was Performance Needs; Specific Approaches. The first presentation is by Jeffrey Agrell, discussing the three prerequisites for any kind of performing.
Session 4, Episode 2: Jonathan Stoneman discusses practice routines and his online survey
Session 4, Episode 3a: Part 1 of Douglas Lundeen’s presentation “Toward a Bel Canto Approach to the Horn”
Session 4, Episode 3b: Part 2 of Douglas Lundeen’s presentation “Toward a Bel Canto Approach to the Horn”
Session 4, Episode 4a: Part 1 of Bruno Schneider’s description of European conservatories
Session 4, Episode 4b: Part 2 of Bruno Schneider’s explanation of European conservatories
Session 4, Episode 5a: Audience questions from Bruno Schneider and Douglas Lundeen
Session 4, Episode 5b: Audience questions are answered by Jeffrey Agrell and Douglas Lundeen

Audition Boot Camp, Part 1 ; Part 2, Part 3, Session 2 Part 1, Session 2 Part 2, Session 2 Part 3, Session 3 Part 1, Session 3 Part 2, Session 3 Part 3 - podcasts of a lecture by Bernhard Scully and Jesse McCormick at the 40th IHS Symposium in Denver.

Jazz Horn Basics - podcast excerpts from Jazz Clinic - Starting at Ground Zero by Jeffrey Snedeker presented at the IHS 2008 Symposium in Denver. Link given for handouts. Completely recordings can be ordered from www.ihs40.com.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Anton Horner - audio recording from the first IHS workshop in 1969. Interview with Horner by James Chambers.

Classical music podcasts - listed by InstantEncore.com