Other Types of Horns

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Wagner Tuba... now, there's a story. To read up on it, see the following:

•The Wagner Tuba: A History by William Melton, 198 p. 2008 Edition Ebenos. See the detailed review of this book by David Guion.
Wagner-Tuba.com - attractive, detailed site
The Wagner Tuba Page - by John Ericson, who also has written "Playing the Wagner Tuba: A Handbook for Hornists"
What to Play on your Wagner Tuba by John Ericson
Wagner Tuba - Wikipedia article
The Wagner Tuba - the instrument that existed only in Wagner's imagination - article by Paul-Erik Vilsbaek
The Wagner Tuba - from Tom Bacon's Cyberhorn Museum
Wagner's Tuba - article, photos, & audio by John Lienhard
Evolution, Physics & Usage of the Wagner Tuba by C. C. Hutchins
•Do a search for "Wagner Tuba" on YouTube to see the instrument in action.

Below is Alexander's new double F/Bb Wagner Tuba


Need a mute for a Wagner Tuba? Alexander GmbH sells them here.


Arkady Shilkloper playing “Alpine Sketch” on his “Vogelhorn” (alphorn carved differently)

Alphorn Stocker - One of the biggest Swiss alphorn makers.

Rocky Mountain Alphorns - William Hopson is a Canadian professional horn player who is also an alphorn player and maker. He teaches every summer at the Swiss Alphorn School in Schönried, Switzerland. He has recorded several CDs of alphorn music. Very attractive web site.


Now I've Seen Everything Dept: Alpine Legend. Xbox Game? Someone is pulling our collective leg...

Mnozil Brass gives their inimitable take on alphorn playing....

Alphorn - Wikipedia article

The Alphorn in Switzerland - article


AlpFlyinghorn - carbon fiber alphorns made in Switzerland (Yverdon) in several colors (black, gold, red). Cute web site in 3 languages with flash video demos. Great set of links to alphorn shops and famous alphorn players.

Amazing Alphorn - the site of Frances Jones, who is available to play and/or present the alphorn. Some nice pictures and a history of the alphorn.

Alphorn Center - content-rich site by alphorn maker and soloist Franz Schüssele. Great set of alphorn links.

Editions Reift offers a wide selection of sheet music for alphorn, including Alphorn & Piano, Alphorn & Organ, Alphorn and Flute, Alphorn and Harp, Alphorn and Accordion, Alphorn and various brass ensembles, Alphorn & Orchestra, and 2, 3, or 4 Alphorns & various other groups.

McCoy’s Horn Library also offers sheet music for alphorn.

Alphorn/Cor des Alpes - performance by the "Swiss Alphorn Quartet" founded in 1991 by Jozsef Molnar

The world's greatest alphorn player just happens to be Russian: Arkady Shilkloper...


They did this on one rehearsal (!!!!):

The Mellophone


The Mello Zone - "A resource for mellophone players and their teachers" by John Q. Ericson.
Mellophone - Wikipedia article
The Mellocast - mellophone podcast
Mellophone Fingering Chart
History of the Marching Mellophone
Al's Mellophone Page
Mellophone discussion - lots of photos
Mellophone Madness

The Tenor Horn

Al’s Tenor Horn Page - “to promote, legitimize, bolster, support, celebrate and dispel any myths surrounding the Tenor Horn, Alto Horn and all other Eb/F alto brasses. Includes: History, Recordings, Mouthpieces, Holding the Horn, Mutes, Forum, Brass History, Links, Merchandise.

A Tenor Horn/Alto Horn FAQ - article by John Ericson

The Bass Horn


Not really a horn, but a tuba made for Roger Bobo in the shape of a horn. According to Bruce Hemd (Horn Matters blog), Larry Minick was the builder. Watch John Elliot play it on a YouTube video.

Lur - Ever wonder where you could buy a modern copy of a Bronze Age Lur? Helmut Voight makes them.

Irish Bronze Age Horn - "Side blow horn" from Lark in the Morning (photo below). 22" long with "an oval mouthpiece set into the side. ... Notes can be altered by moving the hand in and out of the bell." $3220. 26" model: $3590. 56" model $4070. These horns are special order only - individually crafted, about 12 weeks delivery time.



Tibetan Horns - still in use in Tibetan Buddhism ritual. Read about them here. Buy one here, here, here, or here. Listen to clips of CDs of Phil Thornton playing Tibetan horn here or here.

The Dutch Midwinter horn is a curved wooden horn used in the eastern part of Holland (Twente). The horn is played by ancient tradition mostly in the Advent season. You can learn more about it here, here, and here.


Conch shell 'horns' #1; Conch shell horns #2


Hosaphone Headquarters



Lark in the Morning boasts the "world's largest selection of ethnic instruments," so if you are looking for a place to buy a shofar, bugle, fog horn, bulb horn, simple hunting horn, digeridoo, or a thousand other ethnic instruments, this is the place to check out first.


The Shofar Man
Shofars for sale! Don't miss the article "Tips on Buying a Shofar." Another place to buy a shofar is here.


Vuvuzela - the South African stadium horn impossible to ignore at the 2010 World Cup matches in Cape Town. Humorous article about its use in the Onion. Daily Mail article about vuvuzela injury. Web site advertising an anti-vuvuzela filter. Measurements in dB of vuvuzela sound here. Order your own vuvuzela here (e.g. a dozen of them for $45...). Ear plugs recommended. Brilliant performances of the famous Brahms Vuvuzela Chorale and Ravel Vuvuzela solo from Bolero by Berlin hornists, whose remarkable virtuosity on the instrument is exceeded only by their ability to keep straight faces. And then there’s Film Classics on the Vuvuzela.... and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Vuvuzela Worldcup (“Pain like you’ve never felt it”).


Train Horns - labor of love of a collector of diesel train horns. Interesting links to a Yahoo discussion group on air horns, steam whistles, etc., air horn dictionary, and various railroad horn sites, journals, discussion groups, and more. Trainhornguide.com has a lot of information on train horns. If you'd like to know what chords the trains play, check out Train Horn Chords. If you would like to order a train horn or two, Train Horns Delivered will oblige.