Natural Horns

Seraphinoff natural horns
First rate baroque and classical natural horns (historical reproductions)

Natural Horn Workshop June 14-19, 2010
Richard Seraphinoff, besides being a natural horn maker and performer, also offers a unique week-long workshop on natural at Indiana University every summer. It is open to professionals, students, teachers, and advanced amateurs. "The schedule will include a daily master class, an ensemble session, and a lecture. Each student will receive two private lessons during the week. An informal concert will conclude the workshop. For participants who do not own an instrument, a limited number of horns will be available." Limited to 15 participants, so apply early!

Natural Horns of Distinction
Renowned natural horn performer Lowell Greer is also a horn maker who specializes in making natural horns. He makes several models of horns, copies of classical (Stohr, Raoux) and Baroque horns (Hoffmaster, Buchschwinder) as well as “valvectomy” horns (converted modern single F horns).

Ewald Meinl
Parforce hunting horns in Eb

M. Jiracek
Depicted: "Bohemia" natural horn Model Nr. 110/510, a copy of a historical instrument.

Alexander Natural Horns
Depicted is Model 290 (left), and a parforce horn in Bb and Eb Model 1178

Patterson horns
Natural horns and custom double horns, plus repair and leadpipe work.
Classical Horn

Baroque Horn

The Early Music Shop of England sells all things historical: viols, recorders, rebecs, lutes, shawms, crumhorns, sackbuts,
hurdy-gurdies, cornetti, serpents, psalteries, CDs - and - a natural horn (developed in consultation with Tony Halstead), pictured below:

Egger Instruments
Swiss maker of historical Inventionshörner, baroque trumpets, sackbuts, mouthpieces, etc.
Below: an Egger Inventionshorn after an 1841 Courtois.
Can be tuned to A=440, 430, or 415 Hz

John Webb
"The Webb/Halstead natural horns: the most successful natural horns in use today. Over 200 are in use worldwide."
Pictured below is Webb's Bohemian Handhorn. He also makes a Raoux copy and a Baroque horn.

Schmid Natural Horns
Engelbert Schmid also makes a variety of natural horns. Below is his Cor Solo:

No photo, but Siegfried's Call offers the Dieter Otto Model 168 natural horn & crooks. There's a slide show as well to show more detail.

The Antique Sound Workshop - is a historical emporium, offering not only historical instruments from various makers, but also gifts, cases, stands, accessories, sheet music, books, and other publications.

Dick Martz Horn Collection - Photos of an amazing collection historical instruments.

Historical Instruments (from various makers)
Left to right: Omnitonic horn (Sax 1824?); parforce horn (1689); Inventionshorn (1825)