Natural Horn

See also Horn History, Natural Horns (instruments)

Natural Horn Embassy - Facebook group for natural horn enthusiasts. Lots of great photos of various natural horns.

Natural - Richard Burdick offers CDs for sale, plus sheet music (for natural horn), an article on "Writing for the Natural Horn", Performance Techniques, and a list of modern compositions for the natural horn.

The Natural Horn in France - new web site, mainly in French (with some English) by Claude Maury. Loads of information: recordings, horn players, links, discussion group, blog.

Natural horn - Wikipedia article

Crooks and Hand Horn Technique - article by Horn Central. Included: crooks, Inventionshorn, hand horn, Cor Solo, Cor d’orchestre, hand horn technique, Cor Alto and Cor basso, Composers.

Hunting Horn in France from 1600 to 1700 - article by Horn Central

Natural Horn Workshop - information on the annual natural horn workshop given by natural horn maker, performer, and teacher Richard Seraphinoff of Indiana University.

"Natural Horn" - short article by Bill Schaffer.

Natural Horn Makers - list (and links to makers) on the Early MusiChicago web site.

"The Natural Horn Today" - article by Jeff Snedeker.

The Natural Horn - article by the prolific John Ericson, subtitled, "An Instrument That is Still Important to Study Today"

Naturally Horns – Website of Andrew Clark
Natural horn specialist Andrew Clark offers information on the natural horn, “Horn Myths”, a “Horn Quiz”, some audio clips of Baroque and classical horn playing, and an excellent set of links that include English orchestras and concert halls, record companies, horn makers, sheet music, mouthpieces, and more.

Natural Horn by Johann Carl Kodisch - photo with details of a gorgeous horn from 1684.

Applying Natural Horn Technique to Modern Valve Horn Performance - dissertation by Heidi Wick. Link to a free pdf download of the entire work.

The Persistence of the Natural Horn in the Romantic Era - article by K.C. Moore

Natural Horn List - interest group on