Gramophone ranks the World’s Top 20 Orchestras

Easy Ear Training - a UK based music software and iPhone music training app development company. The iPhone/iTouch app is called “Relative Pitch”. The site features articles on ear training, rhythm, warm-ups, plus forums, and a great set of links.

Music Theory for Kids - by AAA State of Play. Useful collection of information and links for your young students on just about everything to do with music theory. (Thanks to Brittney Matthews for the tip).

Music Crossword Puzzles - a feature of Practicespot

Seven Deadly Sins of Horn Playing - Article (posted in Horn Notes Blog - John Ericson) by Larry Lowe about bad habits/deportment.

Top Ten Rookie Mistakes - similar article by Bruce Hembd

Top Ten Tips for Survival in College - ditto

Requesting a Recommendation - article by Cynthia Carr

So You Want to be a Professional Player - positive spin on similar topic - blog entry by Jonathan West

Schools of Playing - Panel discussion from the 1969 IHS Symposium with Philip Farkas, James Chambers, Anton Horner, Wendell Hoss and Max Pottag.

Packing a Horn for Shipping - Tips - courtesy of Patterson Hornworks

Tax Issues for Musicians

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

The Role and Importance of the Assistant Horn - article by Eldon Matlick (see under Editorial menu)

YouSendit - a great way (free up to 2GB) to send large files, such as audio files.

Classical Composers Poster - features over 950 composers from Hildegard von Bingen to Philip Glass. 40" X 27"