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Instant Encore - I.E.’s mission is to “provide tools for the classical music lover, concert presenter, ensemble, artist, composer, and educator to connect, enhance, and extend the concert experience.” Search/share music, concerts, photos, videos, blogs, and more.

Aporee - sort of an audio Google maps. You see a street view of various locations around the world that have accompanying recordings of whatever sound is happening at that location (traffic, people talking, street musicians, fire alarms, etc.).

Hearing is not exactly listening, but we’d like to mention this anyway: our occupational hazard as horn players is exposure to loud noise (especially if you have to sit in front of the trumpets). If you’re wondering if you have any hearing loss, check out But Can You Hear THIS? It’s an informal test of your hearing at different frequencies.

Easy Ear Training - a UK based music software and iPhone music training app development company. The iPhone/iTouch app is called “Relative Pitch”. The site features articles on ear training, rhythm, warm-ups, plus forums, and a great set of links.

Classical Connect "is your virtual concert hall. It offers independent classical musicians the opportunity to be heard around the world while providing music lovers with a large selection of music performed by some of the most interesting musicians around." Musicians can sign up and upload performances to "share your music with the rest of the world." Features: browse by instrument, ensemble, composer, set up playlists.

Pandora - Radio from the Music Genome Project
Very slick - you can build your own "internet radio station" that plays (through the computer) any kind of music you like, any era, style, artist, song - it will build a never-ending queue of tunes to be played. You can build many "stations" of different styles, and you can have a station that is a mix of any or all your stations. There's also Postclassic Radio - "weirdly new music from composers who've left the classical world far behind." - “The World’s Classical Radio Station”. You can request pieces. - Enables you to put any or all of your personal digital music library online for free and listen to it from any computer. You can buy “streaming rights” to new music and listen for a dime and listen on the web whenever; you can download songs for 89 cents. And more.

Classical Music Broadcasts - links to streaming classical music broadcasts worldwide

Classic Cat - Classical music "directory with links to over 4800 free-to-download classical performances... sorted by composer and work." Information on composers, performers, instruments, genres, "Top 100", info, links.

Themefinder - find musical themes and incipits by giving several notes.

Classical Music Online and Beyond- accessing online classical music radio stations and satellite radio

Music Online - Alexander Street Press again. Massive collection of classical music recordings. Available through [music] library subscriptions.

Audio Archive - Music & Arts - all kinds of audio, from contemporary classical to 78 rpm records and even cylinder recordings from a hundred years ago.

Royalty-Free Music, Stock Music, Sound Effects - by Shockwave-Sound - many genres available besides classical, including Corporate/Business, Chill-Out Grooves, Ambient, Urban Funk, Film Scores, Exercise/Workout, Novelty, and many more. Note that royalty-free is not the same as free - you have to purchase the tracks. Tons of very cool tracks of all kinds. Even if you don’t buy, it’s fun to play along with the online demo samples.