Post Cards

Jeffrey Agrell's horn travels have taken him far and wide...
Below are some 'post card' photos taken on various musical adventures


Trip to Nova Scotia in October, 2011 - to give presentations at the Music Educator’s annual Conference in Antigonish and do a horn clinic at Dalhousie University in Halifax.
My host Ardith Haley also took me for a bit of sightseeing: Lighthouse at Perry’s Cove; tidal rock looking in the other direction





J.A. conducting a Soundpainting piece (improvisation directed through a gestural language) during the final concert at the 2009 Symposium of the International Horn Society in Macomb, IL June, 2009 
(nifty Photoshop effect by John Baumgart)



A serious moment during Horn Week at Shell Lake Arts Camp in northern Wisconsin
August 10-15, 2008



Horn Symposium 2007 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland: One side of the big 'ring' of alphorns playing a piece for many alphorns by host Bruno Schneider

J.A. giving a presentation



Swiss Horn Days
(May 16-20, 2007)
Sarnen, Switzerland

The three other members of the Prima Vista Quartet:
Radovan Vlatkovic (international soloist), Lukas Christinat (Lucerne Symphony), Georg Sonnleitner (Vienna Symphony)


Jeff Agrell conducting his "Lullabye and Fanfare" for 6 horns at the final outdoor concert of Swiss Horn Days
(wearing his Chicago Cubs baseball hat...)


Hunting Horn ensemble preparing to play




Swiss Horn Days 2007 Guest Artists
R to L: Georg Sonnleitner, Hermann Baumann, Radovan Vlatkovic, Lukas Christinat, Jeffrey Agrell, Evan Mazunik


Jeff leading a workshop at Swiss Horn Days


Dennis Brain's horns! (on display at the Royal Academy of Music in London)


Visiting a rehearsal in the concert hall of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra 
(J.A.'s former orchestra)


Visiting natural horn maker (+player, teacher) 
Rick Seraphinoff & cat in his workshop
(while at Indiana University for a recital and workshop)


Seraphinoff horn in progress



Kendall Betts Horn Camp
in the wilds of New Hampshire

Horn legend Hermann Baumann


J.A.’s KBHC teaching studio is in the barn!
(photo courtesy of Q.A.)


Three of the famed Moose Drool Quartet: L-R: Doug Hill, Jeff Agrell, Lin Foulk. Missing: Jesse McCormick
(background, right: Ted Thayer and Lauren Becker)
(Photo by Ellen Dinwiddie Smith)


(L to R): KBHC faculty members Jeff Agrell, Doug Hill, Richard Chenoweth, Randy Gardner


The 2006 Horn Symposium in Cape Town, South Africa
Incredible sights... 
Incredible sounds...


From jazz...To kudu horns...




Hong Kong!

Jeff Agrell conducting the brass section of the Asian Youth Orchestra at a recording session in Hong Kong


AYO horn section playing Mahler 1



Performing with Evan Mazunik at Columbus State University in Georgia


Workshop and concert with Lydia Busler-Blais at the Northeast Horn Workshop in Burlington, Vermont


Final concert at the Northeast Horn Workshop in Burlington, Vermont: soloists L to R: Lydia Busler-Blais, John Clark, Alan Parshley, Jeffrey Agrell (photo by Jen Alice Chromy Flaherty)


Recording session in NYC for a John Clark CD
(R to L: John Clark, Kyle Hoyt, J.A., Tony Cecere, Ann Ellsworth, ?)


Horn Clinic at the University of Northern Iowa