Hunting Horn


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The Hunting Horn - concise information on the instrument, history, technique, and repertoire by the Koninklijke Antwerpse JachthoornKring

The Hunting Horn - superb treatise on the hunting horn, excerpted at length by Google from the book The Music Topic by Raymond Monelle. The book (304 p., Indiana University Press) covers 3 topics "prominently featured in Western European music: the hunt, the military, and the pastoral." Order a copy here.

The Hunting Horn and the Trompe de Chasse

Hunting Horn in France from 1600 to 1700 - article by Horn Central

The Coach Horn Tootler - Continental mailmen used to play signals on various types of so-called coach horns. These horns are perhaps more related to trumpets than our horns, but this site may still be of interest to some just to learn more about a long-time and fascinating tradition. Lots of links, photos, books & CDs, and other information on the coach horn and its history.

Les Sonneurs de Cor (The Hunting Horn Players; from L’Illustration, Feb. 11, 1893) - article with wonderful illustrations with English translation (and footnotes) from Dick Martz’s superb site.

Fürst-Pless Horn - Wikipedia article, in German.

Jagdschule Rheinhessen - Jagdhornsignale - German hunting horn site with recorded examples of essential hunting signals for horn, plus downloadable sheet music of the recorded examples.

Hunting Horn Clip Art

Nalda Gilmore, hunting horn maker

Hunting Horn Lamps

YouTube - there are many video examples of hunting horns on YouTube - for a search, use "Jagdhorn" [German for hunting horn] and you'll get more results.


Brown, Thomas. “Clarino Horn, Hunting Horn, and Hand Horn: Their Comparative Roles in the Classic Music of the 18th Century.” D.A. diss., Ball State University, 1978.  UMI# 79-18786.

Hunting Horn - instruments

$35 here (looks similar from the photo; 10" bell). Lark In the Morning offers a Single Coil Hunting horn (6" bell, 10 1/2" diameter) $46, below L, a Double Coil Hunting Horn in D (6" bell, 10 1/2" diameter) for $62 (depicted below center), as well as a Circular Post Horn (depicted below R), bell width 5", $86.


Hunting Horns - V.F. Cerveny (Amati) makes an assortment of hunting horns:


If you want to buy a coach or (fox) hunting horn, the English riding outfitters Cacutt & Sons Ltd will be glad to sell you a Henry Keat horn. Lark In the Morning offers a Short English Hunting Horn (that looks like the Beaufort, below) for $38.


On the other hand, if you just would like to see a video on this type of hunting horn with descriptions of the horns and examples of the calls, click here.

Lark In the Morning offers a parforce horn for $825 (no picture in their catalog). Key of Bb, green wrap, tuning slide carry strap.


Pocket Hunting Horn in Bb, green wrap, $189 from Lark In the Morning.


Hunting Horn Ensembles

American Hunting Horn Society
"The AHHS is an organization of enthusiasts drawn together with a mutual interest in the hunting horn. The AHHS is dedicated to the performance, teaching, composition, research, preservation, and promotion of the tradition of the hunting horn.

Jagdhornverein Windhag (parforce horns)

Trompes Lyons

Hunting Horn Sheet Music

Robert Ostermeyer

United Music Publishers Ltd - This link is a pdf file of UMP's 2009 Horn Catalogue. Hunting Horn has its own section on page 11.

Hunting Horn CDs


Jagdmusik - Hunting Music/Jagdmusik/Musique de Chasse


Musique de Chasse


Hubertusmesse - Bohemian, French & Austrian Hunting Music for Parforce Horns