Horn Repertoire

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Recital Programs (links collected by this site)

Horn Repertoire - lists of sheet music for horn with thumbnail cover, author, genre, and price.

HornRep.org - chart + information on all kinds of compositions from the horn repertoire, from Alan Abbott (Alla Caccia) to Steven Winteregg (Three Modds)

Steve Park performs… almost everything! See the list here.

Works for Solo Horn and Band - Brent Shires’ site that focusses on his research topic of repertoire for solo horn and band. Includes repertoire multiple solo horns with band, both original and transcriptions for solo horn and band,

Hornist's Guide to Unaccompanied Solo Literature - article by Eldon Matlick (see under the Editorial menu item)

Supplemental Materials for Study - Eldon Matlick again

The Literature section of the Forum of the web site of the International Horn Society is a great place to ask or answer any questions about the literature of the horn.

Library of Congress Horn & Brass Literature Call Numbers
This listing tells you where what LOC numbers have what category of music for horns; for example M255-259 is horn and piano; M557 is brass quintets. Go to the stacks of the music library and use these numbers to locate categories and enjoy some musical serendipity in discovering new literature.

Terrific new piece for 5 horns and orchestra by James Beckel

Repertoire Timeline - from Kayla Nelson's slick hornhistory.com site.

First Works for the Valved Horn - article by John Ericson

The First Orchestral Use of the Valved Horn: La Juive - article by John Ericson

High School Horn Contest Lists
The Ohio Music Educator's Association (OMEA) has useful high school contest repertoire lists available online here (pdf) and here.

Horn Repertoire - rep lists on methods, excerpts, etudes, solos, and books on frhorn.com.

British Thames Valley University comprehensive examination lists (pdf) from Grade 1 to Grade 8 (including technique, etudes, solos, sight reading, and aural tests. A good source for American players of many pieces that are not well known on this side of the Atlantic (and should be).

Music for Horn, Oboe and Piano Trio - annotated list of this repertoire by Cynthia Carr

Music for Horn and Organ

Music for Horn and Strings

ABRSM - Complete Horn Syllabus (graded repertoire) - pdf file. Also here: whole list of repertoire on one page.

Music Minus One - “leader in sheet music with accompaniment CDs since 1950”. 99 albums for horn.

Piano Accompaniments.com - Limited selection for horn, but good idea: mp3 or CD piano accompaniments of solo pieces for horn by Beethoven, Mozart, Saint-Saens, Schumann, and Strauss.

Strauss Horn Concerto No. 2 performed by Georgi Partzov (Bulgaria, 1965) [YouTube video]

Alessio Allegrini performs Richard Strauss's Horn Concerto No. 2

Dennis Brain talking about horns and performing the Beethoven Sonata Op. 17, Part 1
(deleted video)

Dennis/Beethoven Sonata Part II
(deleted video)