Horn Making and Manufacture

Instrument Development - from Kayla Nelson's wonderful hornhistory.com site.

Instrument (i.e. horn) Makers - list on the IHS web site

Carl Geyer - a reminiscence by Tom Bacon

Early American Brass Makers, book by Robert Eliason

Horn Manufacturers - Erin Schmidt has compiled a page of many horn manufacturers that compares alloy, bore, and price (plus comments). Nice work!

Dissertation: McLaughlin, Brian James.  “American Horn Making in the Twentieth Century.” D.M.A. Essay, University of Iowa, 1998.

Excellent video portrait of Engelbert Schmid (in German) about his career as a player and as an instrument maker, richly acoustically decorated with background horn ensemble music. 8' 34"

A Horn is Born - making a natural horn


How Brass Instruments Are Built - A well-illustrated paper by Robert Pyle for the Acoustical Society of America

First Steps in Making a Horn - a wonderful, if brief, Quicktime movie showing how the process of building a horn begins.


Horn Factory Tour
Yamaha offers an online illustrated tour of the manufacturing process of horns. Factory Tour 2.


Bernd Sandner, German master bell maker.

J. Meinlschmidt GmbH - Valvemaker to the stars...

Making a Vienna Horn - a YouTube video of Robert Engel making a Vienna horn

Constructing a Natural Horn - at Atelier Harlow in Tokyo [photos]

Natural Horn Businesses - Links to natural horn makers, etc., courtesy of Early Music Chicago.