Horn Ensemble [Sheet music, Recordings]

Guide to Horn Ensemble Repertoire by Rebecca Boehm Shaffer

Dissertation: Lankford, Heather.  “Lowell Shaw (b. 1930): His Musical Career and Contributions to Horn Ensemble Literature.”  D.M.A. diss., University of North Carolina, 2000.  UMI#99-74032.

Terrific new piece for 5 horns and orchestra by James Beckel

Horn Ensemble Sheet Music

The Paxman Horn Quartet Gig Book - by the indefatigable Bill Melton. 89 short pieces in individual spiral-bound part books. Not cheap, but great content and you only have to buy them once, and think of all the $ you'll make with this as your one-volume gig book. Music for any occasion. Styles from Renaissance to 20th century. A worth successor (or rather complement to) the "Little Green Books." Bravo, Bill, bravo Paxman, bravo edition ebenos!

Hickeys - large selection, duets through octets.

The Hornists Nest - Lowell Shaw's gift to us all, what would the horn world have been without him - unimaginable!

Robert King Music - 2 to 18 horns, plus various horn ensembles with band, orchestra, piano, organ, and in chamber music.

Cala Music Publishing - your chance to buy the dazzling arrangements featured in the London Horn Sound CDs.

Ken Pope - K.P. has it all - a great selection horn ensemble music from 2 to 10 horns (47 octets, for example).

VerMeulen Music offers a great assortment of horn octets (with a separate category for Christmas octets), all arrangements of classical, Broadway, folk, and jazz tunes. Sample titles: Beatles Medley, Beauty and the Beast, Birdland, I Remember Clifford, Les Mis, Jurassic Park, Malagueña, Mission
Impossible, Vivaldi "Spring."

Emerson Editions - a nice selection from 2 to 8 horns by publisher/hornist Jim Emerson.

June Emerson Wind Music - mammoth British sheet music site. 43 listings under Horn Choir (5 or more; more under duets/trios/quartets). Lots of British compositions and arrangements not necessarily easily available in the US.

Paxman - Sheet music from London Horn Sound CD (see below), plus lots more horn ensemble music 2-12 horns.

Really Good Music - Really good pieces by Douglas Hill and others, 3-8 horns.

Solid Brass Music - Good selection of horn ensemble 2-8 horns, including some harder-to-find-in-the-US music from European publishers.

Pelican Music - Active new publisher with a good assortment of horn ensemble pieces, to wit: 5 duets, 6 trios, 14 quartets, 8 quintets, 26 sextets, 12 octets

Faust Music - the ever-creative Randall Faust has his own sheet music sales web site and offers 17 horn ensembles, some by him, some from other publishers.

Phoenix Music - home of all the great Kerry Turner pieces written for the American Horn Quartet

Baltimore Horn Club Publications - duets, trios, and quartets of transcriptions by Leigh Martinet. This link to Homewood brass has some of L.M.'s horn ensemble works, but not all. Anyone know where the rest are?

McCoy's Horn Library - not a huge selection of horn ensemble music, but interesting stuff.

Fenwick Parva Press - FPP features mostly the arrangements and compositions of musician/composer Carl Bang, whose specialty (concerning horns) is arranging old music for horn ensemble, so he offers pieces that no one else does, e.g. by Praetorius, Palestrina, Marenzio, Francis Hopkinson ("Two Marches for George Washington"), William Billings, and others. He also has some unusual chamber music with horn, e.g. for flute, English horn & horn; oboe, clarinet and horn; English horn and 2 horns; flute, oboe, horn & celesta or piano. Prices are very reasonable; he is clearly not in it to get rich.

Corni World - horn ensemble music specialists. Not a huge selections, but interesting, quality stuff. Music for horn ensemble: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 horns, by John Lynsdale-Nock; also some brass ensemble pieces.

Free Horn Ensemble Scores and/or Sheet Music

(available as free downloads as pdf files, courtesy IMSLP)


Kling, H.: 30 Duets for 2 Horns

Mozart, W.A. - 12 Horn Duets, K. 487

Rasmussen, P. - Instructive Duets for 2 Horns


Berge, S. - Horntrio

Dauprat, L. - 3 Grand Trios for Horns, op. 4

Reicha, A. - 24 Horn Trios, op. 82

Dauprat - Trio (manuscript facsimile) for horns in different keys


Dauprat - Quartets (33 p.) for horns in different keys


Dauprat - Sextets (74 p.) for horns in different keys

Venezuelan Horn Ensemble with Bruno Schneider

Horn Ensemble Recordings


The London Horn Sound
This off-the-charts horn ensemble CD is available from a variety of sources. If you can only buy one CD with horns on it, this is the one to get. Also check out their Give It One CD - London Horn Sound goes Big Band!


American Horn Quartet - 4 American professional horn players working in Europe and arguably the best horn quartet around today.


Vienna Horns
The Vienna horn at its best in a sensational recording.


Take 9
The American answer to the London Horn Sound, combining the talents of the American Horn Quartet plus the New York Philharmonic horn section. A sizzler!


"The Voice of Four Horns", an ensemble that "zaps the myth that classical stuff's stuffy." Over 700 performances nation-wide since 1998.


The Transatlantic Horn Quartet
Consists of Michael Thompson (UK), Richard Watkins (UK), Jeff Nelsen (USA), and Skip Snead (USA); the group records and performs on both sides of the Atlantic (the photo shows former member David Ohanian; not pictured: Jeff Nelsen)