Histories of Instruments and Instrument Makers

Contempora Corner
The Reynolds company offers an online history of some of their horns, including the Pottag model, the Chambers model (depicted, right), the Contempora double and single, the Emperor single, the Roth single, the Reynolds piston valve horn (single in F with crooks in Eb and D), and the Regent.

Carl Geyer - Chicago 4/9/63 - a Reminiscence by Thomas Bacon

The Double Horn and Its Invention in 1897 - article by John Ericson

King: The H. N. White Story - The story of King instruments

Holton Memoirs - by horn maker Wes Hatch: Part I (Introduction), Part II, Part III

The Impact of Technology on Musical Instruments - article by Edmund Bowles. See the section on "The Venerable Valve"

A Brief History of the Conn Company
Margaret Downie Banks, curator of the Musical Instruments National Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota, has compiled an extensive collection of information about the Conn Instrument Company (now owned by United Musical Instruments). Also by MDB: Publications about the Conn Company

List of Horn Manufacturers - this list comes from the Wikipedia; not all manufacturers listed here are still in existence.

Publications about U.S. Musical Instruments and Their Products, Publications about Brass and Woodwind Instruments - by Margaret Downie Banks

History of the G. Leblanc Corporation - parent company for many years of Holton

C.G. Conn - Brass Instrument Model Numbers and Dates of Manufacture 1919-1965

The Conn Horn and Mellophone Page

The Conn Loyalist

Making Rotary Valves for F.E. Olds Company - memoir by Bernie Marston

The Vienna Horn - (pdf) - translation of the thesis of Thomas Jöbstl, then principal horn of the Vienna Volksoper (2001), now of Die Wiener Philharmoniker


Cottrell, David. "Walter A. Lawson, hornmaker." DMA diss. University of Oklahoma, 1988. ProQuest ID: 754048661