See also Auditioning and Business of Music

Links for Music Jobs and Volunteering - lots of links to music related jobs of all types - a terrific resources for musicians.

Zety - Zety offers an easy way to make a quick and easy online resume or CV. It has templates, examples, and guidelines for both, also for cover letters. There's also information on how to do a Job Search or Job Interview, and more. 

Last Row Music - Links to orchestral auditions for all brass; also links to horn players, university horn studio web sites, and orchestral excerpts. Also: newsy blog, articles, and a shop (T-shirts)

Musical Vacancies - online vacancy management (muv.ac) - “A revolutionary new job platform for musicians, orchestras and ensembles.”

New England Conservatory Career Services Center - "offers professional development resources for all musicians." Available to non-NEC students and institutions for an annual subscription fee. Their service Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection "provides 24-hr online access to a wide variety of opportunities in music."

Director of the NECCSC Angela Myles Beeching has written a terrific book on developing a career as a musician, entitled Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music - run, don't walk, to get your copy.

A similar and complementary book is The Savvy Musician by David Cutler. Ditto!

Careers in Music - descriptions of music-related careers of all kinds: composing, arranging, film scoring, management, music ed, recording, music therapy, performance, and more. Also links to career resources and music-related associations.

Kickstarter - “A new way to fund & follow creativity.” “…a new form of commerce and patronage.” Kickstarter is a place to support creative projects of all kinds or to start a project and ask for support from others. A great idea for the arts in the 21st century!

Considering a Career in Music? - A series of articles on the subject by The Elison Institute

Navigating Music Careers (Rice University) - a series of brief video "lessons" on music career topics, such as teaching, freelancing, chamber music, orchestra, opera, auditioning, mental training, recording, staying healthy/preventing injuries.

College Music Society - The CMS maintains the MVL (Music Vacancy List), the top source of teaching jobs in higher education in North America. You must be a member of CMS to access the MVL.

HigherEd Jobs - "Now listing 18,970 jobs at 2,090 Institutions” Categories: Administrative, Faculty, Executive. Also listed by location and by Type (community college, 4-year institutions, part-time/adjunct).

Scholarly Hires - higher ed positions. Music positions are categorized by Instrument, Composition, and Theory

Academic Keys - like HigherEd Jobs; listings of all kinds of jobs in higher education institutions

Academic Coach - “Earnest exhortations and random tidbits for dessertating grad students, post-doctoral job hunters and tenure-track faculty”. See also the related commercial site, Successful Academic (academic consultant)

Chronicle of Higher Education Careers - listings in many areas, including music

Music Jobs - Listings (links) by the William and Gayle Cook Music Library of Indiana University. Needs updating. Not to be confused with….

MusicJobs.com - “Your daily link with the music industry”. Menu items: Find a Job; Forum; Blog; Employer Directory; Find People

Find a Gig - lots of links of various types.

IHS Performance Job Listings - The International Horn Society also maintains listings of orchestra jobs for horn.

Jobline - IHS posting of graduate assistantships and teaching positions.

Symphony Auditions: Getting Invited to the Audition - Part I, by Doug Yeo, Bass trombonist of the Boston S.O. Good article on how to apply for an orchestra job. See also Part II; Before the Audition, Audition Day, While on Stage, Between Rounds, Section Playing, If You Get Cut, Final Thoughts.

Musical Chairs
Online information on current classical music jobs for all instruments: symphony and opera auditions (worldwide), plus competitions, instruments, masterclasses, conservatoires (i.e. schools of music).

MusData - directory for symphony orchestras (currently 125 of them in the database) and musicians

Music Placement - Jobs - Indiana University - information on open positions for all music specialities

Music Career Development Network - Resources

MENC Career Guide for Music Education

Go Tour - resources for music tours

“Need a Job? Help Wanted at the NY Philharmonic” - NYT article on openings in major symphony orchestras

The Myth of the Starving Artist - a survey with hopeful news by Inside Higher Ed

Orchestra News - links to orchestras worldwide with site URLs and current concert programs.

How to Pursue a Career in Orchestral Music - article by BSO trombonist Doug Yeo. See also his "Pros and Cons to a Career in Orchestral Music"

Becoming an Orchestral Musician: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals - book by Richard Davis

Five Essentials of a Music Career Success - article by Peter Spellman

Artists House Music - "Helping musicians and musicians create sustainable careers"

Oceanbound Entertainment - cruise ship gigs. See also Proship Entertainment

The Chicago Reading Orchestra - a professional development orchestra. Learn orchestral repertoire in a supportive environment.

IWBC - The International Women's Brass Conference web site has an Employment page.

Faculty recruitment - web site of a faculty recruitment firm

New Auditions - orchestral vacancies in the Netherlands. You can sign up for a free newsletter. Links to all the orchestras, chamber groups, wind bands, ballet orchestras and more.

My Auditions - a very useful site with content related to employment; you have to register, however, to receive the information (free; donations accepted). You can set up job alerts for orchestral jobs and teaching jobs, and there is a free monthly newsletter.

Playing Horn in the Big Apple - Article on Osmun's web site by Jeffrey Lang on freelancing in New York City.

Classical Music Home Page - CMH offers international job listings, music web reference (Grove Online, Naxos music library, et al.), "diary service", tickets, self-publishing, musician's organizer, and news and events. Coming: CMH musician's directory, personal homepage, store, classified.

"Musicians add second careers to their repertoires," article in the L.A. Times.

“When it comes to careers, musicians learn to improvise” - article in USA Today

The Career Encouragement Blog - "Daily encouragement for your career journey"

Great Jobs for Music Majors - book by Jan Goldberg

16 Ways to Make Yourself Unfireable - this is an article for people who work in business, but it’s good advice for everyone

CoolWorks - no, this site doesn’t have anything to do with horn or music jobs. But if you’re looking for a summer (or year-round) outdoor job in camps, national and state parks, resorts, Antarctica, Alaska, zoos, etc. this is the place to come first.