"The Way Back" for solo bass trombone, 2020.

"Temperamental Suite" - solo bass trombone. Published by Editions Bim. Required piece for masterclasses at the 1998 Varna International Music Festival, Varna, Bulgaria.

"New York Variations" - solo trombone. Editions Marc Reift. Required piece for all trombone players in the 1998 National Youth Music Competition of Switzerland. Recorded by Tobias Lang on CD Pathways on Marcophon CD7164; also recorded by Dirk van Oosterbosch on YouTube video

Trombone Ensemble

"Gospel Time" - trombone quartet. Editions Marc Reift. Many recordings and countless worldwide performances; to mention just a few notable performances: 2003 International Trombone Festival in Helsinki, Finland by the New Trombone Collective (Holland); U.S. Army Band's 23rd Annual Tuba-Euphonium Conference by the "Tiefflu" ensemble from the Luftwaffenmusikkorps at Fort Meyer, Virginia; 5th National Small Ensemble Competition in Neustift-Brixen, Austria. Required piece at the 2006 Bayerischer Blasmusikverbund in Munich, Germany. Many versions of Gospel Time can be found on YouTube.

An imaginative rendition of Gospel Time by the 2i2 Trombone Quartet (e.g. adding vocals...):

"Monkey Business" - trombone quartet. Commissioned by the Slokar Quartet 


"Eccentric Dances" - solo tuba. Published by Editions Bim. Required piece for the semi-final round, Young Artist Division, of the 2004 International Euphonium and Tuba Festival in Budapest, Hungary.