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Horn Matters - John Ericson and Bruce Hembd. The mother of all horn blogs. Blog is the wrong word: the authors describe it as an online magazine - and they’re right - it’s way more than a blog.

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Jumping on the Blog Wagon - why blog? A few thoughts...

Horn World - James Boldin (check out his Guide to the Brass Quintet!)

Bennet's Tenets - Travis Bennett

The Savvy Musician - David Cutler’s blog - author of the book The Savvy Musician

Osmun Music Blog - “News, information, and opinions for and from our customers and friends”

Musician’s Way - Gerald Klickstein, author of The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness

The Balanced Embouchure for Horn - Valerie Wells blog on Jeff Smiley’s Balanced Embouchure system.

Horn Chops - Jeremy Cucco

Tubbs Horn Studio - Bruce Tubbs [horn player, horn repair, maker of custom 5 valve Bb horns]

Left Coast Horn Playing - Scott Hartman

Hornplaying - Pip Eastop

The Horn

Horn Thoughts - Jonathan West

Balanced Embouchure - Valerie Wells

Kerry Turner


Sören Hermansson


Jeff Nelsen

QUADRE's TuesdayAt2 - some interesting discussions of operating and marketing a chamber music group.

Barth's Brass Blog

Derek J. Wright

Siegfried's Blog

Newhornist's Blog - Learning to play the horn again!

Roger Bobo

Clara de Corno

The Horn Roller – Robert Douglass

Inside the Arts - "A Cultural Blogging Exchange". Columns & blogs by arts commentators such as Drew McManus (on the orchestra business), Mike Janssen and Marty Ronish on classical music in broadcasting, "Non Divisi" by Frank Almond, various Podcasts, Brian Dickie (Life as General Director of Chicago Opera theater), "Butts in Seats" - Joe Patti on Arts Management, "Books on Culture" by John Rosenkranz, and Sticks and Drones by conductors Ron Spigelman and Bill Eddins.

Musical Perceptions - Scott Spiegelberg is not a horn player, but he has an excellent music blog. This particular link will take you to his list of "The Top 51 Classical Music Blogs" He also has very useful lists/links to Online Music Journals, Music Resources, Composer blogs, Winds and Brass blogs, Critics blogs, Listener blogs, and more.

The Mundane Arts - a totally whack and visually arresting blog discovered by Robert Douglass in The Horn Roller. A quote from that site: "An anonymous hornist is the creator of arguably the funniest (and weirdest) classical music blog on the net. Mundanischekunst (Mundane art, from the German, kindof) is a collection of reports about the leading developments and breakthroughs in classical music and other fine arts. As proof that classical music is keeping up with the time, he features such fine artists as Dee-Änna Schoenberg-Krak, the world's finest extreme violinist. [March 2005]"

Greg Sandow - on the future of classical music

Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise - Ross, music critic for The New Yorker, has a book of the same name. Excellent writing on contemporary music.

Sequenza 21 - The Contemporary Classical Music Community

Classical Convert - Classical Music for Non-Classical People

Arts Addict - Jason Heath on life as a classical music bottom feeder

Neoclassical - Holly Mulcahy on the future of classical music

The Detritus Review - iconoclastic blog taking aim at classical/academic pretensions

Adaptistration - Drew McManus on the orchestra business

Dial "M" for Musicology