Horn Maintenance Video - BBC Symphony Orchestra principal Nick Korth demonstrates shows some warm-up tips in the second half of this BBC video tutorial (for the first half of it shows basic horn maintenance tips).

Interactive Warm-Up - with/by Corrado Maria Saglietti

The Importance of Warm-Ups - article by Jean-Pierre Mathez, editor of The Brass Bulletin

Daily Routine - thoughts on the subject by Frank Lloyd

Warm-up exercises (whole body, not with instrument) for performers - pdf download. With diagrams.


Tuning the Farkas Double Horn - by Philip Farkas. One of the many excellent articles on the Osmun web site.

Tuning the Double Horn - John Ericson's explanation of tuning the double horn.

Guidelines for Tuning the Horn - by Curtis Hammond of Morehead State University; pdf file.

Tuning the Horn - Selmer-Conn

Tuning the Horn - Hornstuff

Intonation Procedure for Tuning a Double Horn - article by Eldon Matlick

Understanding Brass Instrument Intonation - ditto

Tuning (3) - from the archives of

Tuning the Double Horn in Just Intonation - pdf file

Tuning a Horn with No Bb Slide - courtesy of Stuart DeHaro

Intonation: Bane and Grail - article by Stephen Colley, developer of The TuneUp System

Tuning the Standard Double Horn - by Simon Locke



Horn Embouchure videos - by Prof. Patrick Hughes of the University of Texas-Austin

Embouchure - Wikipedia article

40 Embouchures from Farkas's Photographic Study of Embouchures - a list of the players

Embouchure 101 - article by John Ericson

Embouchure Health & Maintenance - article by Andrew Pelletier

The Balanced Embouchure - by Jeff Smiley, a trumpet player & teacher, written for trumpet players, but intriguing for horn players as well. See the YouTube video demonstration.

The Balanced Embouchure for Horn - Valerie Wells blog on Jeff Smiley’s Balanced Embouchure system. See also The Balanced Embouchure FAQ

Hornmasters on the Geometry of the Lips and Corners - article by John Ericson

Embouchure - The chapter on Embouchure from Wendell Rider's book, Real World Horn Playing. Also available in pdf form. - a primary resource for brass players with embouchure problems; excellent reference books for sale, including Broken Embouchures and Rehabilitating Embouchures.

Lip Vibration in Trombone Embouchures - It's not especially pretty, it’s not new (slow motion film done sometime in the late ‘70s to the early ‘80s), and it's not horn, but it's brass playing and it's fascinating. This link is a slow motion shot of embouchure lip motion through a clear mouthpiece. Among other things, it answers the question: do lips touch as they vibrate while producing a tone? Voiceover by Dr. H. Lloyd Leno. There are many such videos available on this site.

Building High Range, Braces, and the Embouchure



Horn transposition chart - Part 1 of 5 of the series "French horn transposition" by Bruce Hembd on the Horn Matters blog.

Transposing - Blog entry by Jonathan West in his Horn Thoughts. Interesting chart listing how many movements in the symphonies of Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Mendelssohn, and Schumann are in which transposition, e.g. Horn in F: 72 movements; Horn in Eb: 40 movements; Horn in B natural: 4 movements.

Prelude to the 3rd Act of Lohengrin - "Study in transposition" - pdf file of the original orchestral part, courtesy of Bruce Hembd

Fingering Charts

Alternate Fingering Chart by Bob Ward

Fingering Chart by Ron Boerger

Horn Harmonics - a moveable "wheel" chart that quickly & easily shows alternate fingerings for the double horn. See John Ericson's review.

Fingering Chart - courtesy Yamaha

Fingering Chart - from Conn

Fingering Chart for single F, single Bb & double horn - by John Ericson (pdf file)


What are the Parts of a French Horn? - eHow video by Richard Deane

Horn videos - mostly on embouchure, but also discusses how to hold the horn, hand in the bell position, etc. by Prof. Patrick Hughes of the University of Texas-Austin