Band Organizations

American School Band Directors Association (ASBDA)

American Bandmasters Association - links to most US band associations, military bands, and bands in other coutnries around the world

Association of Concert Bands

Band World Magazine

College Band Directors National Association

Iowa Bandmasters Association

Iowa High School Music Association

National Band Association - "World's Largest Band Organization"

Texas Bandmasters Association

World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE)

Woman Band Directors International

The Midwest Clinic - International Band and Orchestra Conference. If you can't make it to Midwest, check out their list of Clinic Handouts - a vast collection of handouts (downloadable in pdf format) from clinicians from 2000-present.

BASBWE - British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles

Yahoo List of Community Bands

Professional Bands

Dallas Wind Symphony

Eastern Wind Symphony

American Wind Symphony Orchestra

Royal Hawaiian Band; Wikipedia entry

Military Bands

United States Air Force Band
United States Air Force Bands
United States Air Force Band of the West
United States Air Force Academy Band
United States Air Force Band of Liberty
United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"
United States Army Bands
United States Army Field Band
United States Coast Guard Band
United States Marine Band "The President's Own"
United States Military Academy Band (West Point)
United States Naval Academy Band
United States Navy Band
United States Merchant Marine Academy Band

Washington D.C. Service Bands: Can You Afford Not to Audition? - article by Brent Philips in the Online Trombone Journal

Women's Air Force Band 1951-1961

Military Music Web Site - CDs of US military bands, orchestras, choruses

The EntsWeb Directory - Military and regimental bands around the world

World Military Bands

Other Bands

National Concert Band of America

Iowa Military Veterans Band

The American Band

Other Band Information

Wikipedia “Concert Band” entry

American Band Directory

A History of the Wind Band

Brass Bands

The Great American Brass Band Festival - held annually in Danville, KY in June

Brass Band Portal

IBEW - The Internet Bandsman's Everything Within - a phenomenal set of brass links on the web site of The Harrogate Band, a British brass band: books, journals, bibilographies, publishers (including sellers of sheet music), services & supplies, music software, sounds & sampling, recordings, recording companies, vintage and secondhand recordings, brass on radio & TV, videos & DVD, recording studios, musical reference, music technique, music education, theory, general music reference. An incredible collection of links, but there are a number of dead links, making you wonder if they collapsed from exhaustion after setting it all up and haven't been back...