For Band Directors

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High School Player's Guide to Playing the Horn by Jeffrey Agrell - 19 page booklet, available free on request (also as a pdf file).

Also in the works: Middle School Player's Guide to Playing the Horn; Band Director's Guide to the Horn

Musical House Calls
Prof. Agrell (and his students) offer the following to interested band directors at no charge:
•Personal visits
-Performances (solo, chamber music, horn ensemble)
-Clinics and workshops on a variety of topics
-Sample lessons
-Preparation for All-State auditions

•Email, phone, newsletter information on horn playing tips, how to improve your horn section, horn books, pedagogy, repertoire, technique, warm-ups, practicing, performance nerves, etc.

Teachers of Gr. 5-12 horn students
...may request similar services. Just email!

Students, directors, and horn teachers are also invited to visit Prof. Agrell at the UI School of Music at any mutually convenient time. Just email or call.

High School Horn Contest Lists
The Ohio Music Educator's Association (OMEA) has useful high school contest repertoire lists available online here (pdf) and here.

Brass Instrument Maintenance: A Survival Guide for Band Directors - 40 page pdf file courtesy BIRP.