See also Employment & Orchestral Excerpts

Last Row Music ("Online Resources for Brass Musicians"): French Horn auditions. Lists upcoming auditions and results of recent horn auditions.

Orchestra Players - a “community” for orchestra players with Forum (for discussions), Orchestra Auditions/vacancies, Resources, and lists of musicians and ensembles (post your CV). Also on Facebook.

Audition Bibliography - list of articles about auditioning by Jeffrey Agrell

Audition excerpts - English translation of German web site (Probespiel); a collection of operatic and orchestral excerpts for both high and low horn, plus suggestions on auditioning. The parts are very clear, printable, not original orchestral part. Contains excerpts not common or available in the US or US auditions. Tip of the hat to H. Kröger.

Orchestral Horn Excerpts - Daren Robbins award-winning (well, he gets my personal Terrific Achievement Award) web site of top horn orchestral excerpts with both print and audio examples of the excerpts. All excerpts now available in book form (order from the web site).

Audition Boot Camp, Part 1 ; Part 2, Part 3, Session 2 Part 1, Session 2 Part 2, Session 2 Part 3, Session 3 Part 1, Session 3 Part 2, Session 3 Part 3 - podcasts of a lecture by Bernhard Scully and Jesse McCormick at the 40th IHS Symposium in Denver.

Audition Mode Horn Seminar - Workshop by Karl Pituch and Denise Tryon at Temple University on auditioning July 25-Aug. 1, 2010.

London Symphony Orchestra principal horn David Pyatt gives advice (and demonstrates) on auditioning for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra (Tan Dun's Eroica), Mozart 4,

Audition Excerpt List - great list of horn excerpts compiled by Seth Orgel and Brian Thomas.

Audition Tips for Young Players - A good discussion of the subject from

Symphony Auditions - Doug Yeo is a bass trombonist (Boston Symphony), but he presents an excellent series of articles on auditioning useful for all brass players.

The iVasi Network - "A community of people interested in performing classical music" [The IVASI system is a series of videos of conductors conducting standard orchestral repertoire so that a player may watch and practice excerpts in this 'virtual' orchestra setting]

The Orchestra Audition - How to Audition - article by Brad Howland

The Orchestra Audition: How to Prepare - book by Roger Frisch

How to Win that Orchestra Audition - article in the Washington Post; it’s about a timpanist, but the advice is the same for everyone

Washington D.C. Service Bands: Can You Afford Not to Audition? - article by Brent Philips in the Online Trombone Journal

Audition Central - article by John Ericson

Audition Success - book by Don Greene (subtitled: An Olympic Sports Psychologist Teaches Performing Artists How to Win)

Horn Excerpt Checklist - list of standard audition excerpts by John Ericson

The Audition Process & Audition Tips - article by Erin Schmidt

Auditioning the Audition Process - Virtual panel discussion

Preparing for an Orchestral Career - Phil Myers answers this question in the IHS Forum on the web site of the International Horn Society See also his Getting an Orchestral Job in the same Forum.

A Collection of Audition Lists for Orchestral Horn Positions - a terrific collection of audition lists by the industrious Julia Rose

An Empowered Approach to Orchestral Auditions - a chapter from Eli Epstein's book Horn Playing from the Inside Out in pdf format.

YouTube Symphony Orchestra - A chance to audition for "the world's first collaborative online orchestra".

Horn/Repertoire/Orchestral Excerpts - "From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection

Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library

The wind band audition book for horn players: annotated excerpts" -Thesis by Randall Patrick Creel at the University of Iowa Rita Benton Music Library - T2007 .C944