UI Horn Studio Guest Artists

The University of Iowa Horn Studio is regularly enriched by guest artists, who bring their knowledge, experience, skills, and wide-ranging expertise to share with the horn students in the form of workshops, lectures, recitals, demonstrations, masterclasses, question and answer sessions, panel discussions, and more. Guest artists are one of the ways that the studio maintains connections with the wider world of music, horn, and musicianship.




Rachel Childers

(Boston Symphony, New England Conservatory)


Amanda Collins Escalante

(University of Missouri)


Randy Gardner

(Temple University; CCM, retired; Philadelphia Orchestra, retired)


Lauren Hunt

(Utah State University)


Jennifer Montone

(Philadelphia Orchestra, Curtis Institute of Music, Juilliard School)


Larry Williams

(American Studio Orchestra, Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, Sphinx Symphony Orchestra, Peabody Institute, Morgan State University)




Jacquelyn Adams (University of Southern Mississippi)

Lin Foulk Baird (Western Michigan University)

Paul Basler (University of Florida)

Annie Chapman Brewster (freelance, natural horn expert)

James Boldin (University of Louisiana-Monroe)

Patrick Creel (Southwestern University

David Griffin (Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

Douglas Hill (Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Rusty Holmes (Texas Freelance)

Brett Hodge (Omaha Symphony)

Patrick Hughes (University of Texas-Austin)

Brian Kavolius-Matherne (Navy Band)

Roger Kaza (Principal horn, St. Louis Symphony)

Jeffry Kirschen (Philadelphia Orchestra)

Wayne Lu (composer, conductor, soloist, music publisher)

Kazimierz Machala (University of Illinois, retired)

Ricardo Matosinhos (PhD, horn composer extraordinaire)

Jesse McCormick (Cleveland Orchestra)

Eric McIntyre (Grinnell College)

James Naigus (University of Georgia)

Rachel Niketopoulous (North Carolina Symphony)

Abigail Pack (University of North Carolina-Greensboro)

Eric Reed (American Brass Quintet, Juilliard School)

Daren Robbins (Mahidol University, author of hornexcerpts.org)

Bernhard Scully (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Patrick Smith (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Jeffrey Snedeker (Past-President of the International Horn Society, Central Washington University)

Charles Tibbetts (Southwest Radio Orchestra [Germany], retired)

Tom Varner (Jazz hornist)

Erin Wehr (U of Iowa, Peak Performance)

Natalie Young (University of North Texas)



Lin Foulk Baird, Paul Basler, Annie Chapman Brewster, James Boldin, Rusty Holmes, Brian Kavolius-Matherne, Jeffry Kirschen, Jesse McCormick, James Naigus, Abigail Pack, Eric Reed, Jeffrey Snedeker, Tom Varner


Rachel Niketopoulous, Bernhard Scully


Paul Basler (composer, University of Florida)

Katie Johnson-Web (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)

Nick Westphal (freelance)



Patrick Creel, Brett Hodge, Ricardo Matosinhos, James Naigus, Jeffrey Snedeker


David Griffin


Paul Basler, Douglas Hill


Jacquelyn Adams, Roger Kaza, Patrick Smith


Paul Basler, Erin Wehr, Natalie Young


Randy Gardner, Wayne Lu, Kazimierz Machala, Daren Robbins, Bernhard Scully


Patrick Hughes, Eric McIntyre, Bernhard Scully, Charles Tibbetts