Performing Arts Living-Learning Community


By Zoe Petersen, '12

The Performing Arts Living-Learning Community is a coed residence hall community for those interested in the arts. The community resides in Currier Hall, directly across the river from the arts campus, as well as across the street from Burge, which houses the east campus student dining service. The community is divided into two floors, one for each gender, with about 120 students total. Students are able to request housing in this community if they are interested in the art, dance, theater, choir, or instrumental music programs; a major in a form of performing arts is not required. The Performing Arts Community is open only to freshman and sophomores, and if open on a first serve basis. Directions for applying to a living- learning community are included in the housing applications. 

Living in PALC, as it’s called, is a wonderful experience. You have the chance to room with and become friends with people who have similar interests and majors as you. This makes adjusting to college life faster and easier, and gives you a sense of belonging and friendship within the first few days. By living in PALC, most of your community members will be taking the same classes, so finding help for the latest assignment or project is very easy. The community’s Resident Assistant is also an artist of some kind, so he or she as well as the community’s sophomores help freshman adjust, find classes, learn the ways of their professors, and give lots of helpful tips and pointers towards achieving a degree in the performing arts. On weekends, and the occasional weeknight, the community coordinator will offer movie nights, games nights, ice cream outings, and other activities so that community members can drop the books, art tools, instruments, and everything else to have fun and (usually) free food together. PALC will also provide opportunities for its members to enjoy performances by fellow students, and keep everyone updated on the local performances, those given by faculty and guest artists.